5 absurd situations at Honua Kai Resort

Honua Kai Resort & Spa charges an extra $30/day for a “parking package.” However, when I arrived at the hotel, I was told that the hotel had nothing to do with the parking since they were a separate company and that I had to pay for the parking separately and then the hotel would later reimburse me. On the day I checked out, I had to pay the parking company to retrieve my vehicle and awfdgderrtf. Then leave my baggage and clothing unattended and unprotected, and also leave my vehicle unattended and unprotected while I had to trudge back into the hotel to receive my refund. Under these inconvenient circumstances, my property could very well have been stolen. I will always wonder what the hotel would have said if my baggage and/or vehicle had been stolen while I had to unnecessarily leave then unattended in order to seek my refund. Moreover, since the parking company only charged my $* for the 3 days, I had to seek the difference ($*) from the hotel, which only prolonged my wait since the assistant manager had to go and receive permission to give me the refund. Moreover, as I paid $*/day instead of $*, I was charged additional tax and fees on that difference which has only increased my financial loss and frustration. While it is a small amount, it still results in additional unnecessary and fraudulent financial charges. In conclusion, the Parking Package offered by Hampton Inns is a fraud — at least at this location. Do not book it! It offers no advantage. It is not a means of guaranteeing a reservation for your vehicle, nor does it offer any other benefit. Rather it results in a great deal of inconvenience, with the added detriment of losing your property.

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