June / September


These training period last for 5 days, they are supervised by a mountain professional. These courses include coaching, the accommodation, the food, equipment, transportation and insurance.

Price : 900€

Training period 4810

For individuals wishing to climb Mont Blanc with a race of acclimatization and technical preparation (learn how to walk with crampons, learning of climbing techniques).

Mountaineering training period (rock, snow, mixed) introduction

For individuals wishing to initiate themselves to the high mountains in order to realize a race and to put into practice the techniques and tactics of ropes.

Mountaineering training period (rock, snow, mixed) perfecting

For individuals wishing to perfect themselves, who already have experience of the high mountains and who are interested in racing in the mountains.

Training period 4000

For those who already have experience, and who want to perfect themselves while climbing some beautiful 4000

4000 de SAAS FEE (Suisse)7 days
4000 de la Bernina (Suisse)7 days
4000 de l'Oberland (Suisse) 6 days
4000 de Zermatt (Suisse) 6 days


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