My unforgettable journey to Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa, Costa Rica

This was a lodge that was included in an all-inclusive package for a three-day visit to Costa Rica. I chose this particular tour and Flamingo Beach Resort for its location. I found thia hotel on—spa-323516. It is on a river canal next to the Caribbean. Flamingo Beach is isolated and beautiful and you can see for miles and there is not another soul around except for people who might be staying in one of the 30 cottages. The cottages are connected in series of five or so in beautiful cultivated tropical gardens right next to tropical jungle full of all different types of wildlife including birds, monkeys, sloths, frogs, iguanas and bats.
All meals are included and are served at the same time each day and were buffet style with individual tables for groups or couples. The food was fresh vegetables, fruit and various meat dishes and chicken dishes. A small bar and recreational area with pool table, a small swimming pool, beach area with hammocks, tropical gardens, domestic animals such as horses, one pig, several dogs and a parrot who always shows up at mealtime for a handout. The rooms at Flamingo Beach Resort were all open air with ceiling fans and curtains which could be let down for privacy, with the rooms made of native wood and screened- in halfway to top of the ceiling, private baths with hot water. Rooms all have two double beds with a large day bed couch, which can sleep six people. This is set in tropical gardens and orchids close enough to the ocean to hear the surf at night and right next to the jungle where you could hear all kinds of wildlife. Flamingo Beach is truly a real get away from everyday activities that puts you right in nature with no telephone or TV’s and you either walk or take a canoe to reach any other place. It was unforgettable experience for me to visit such a beautiful place so I wanted to share with my impressions here –

5 absurd situations at Honua Kai Resort

Honua Kai Resort & Spa charges an extra $30/day for a “parking package.” However, when I arrived at the hotel, I was told that the hotel had nothing to do with the parking since they were a separate company and that I had to pay for the parking separately and then the hotel would later reimburse me. On the day I checked out, I had to pay the parking company to retrieve my vehicle and awfdgderrtf. Then leave my baggage and clothing unattended and unprotected, and also leave my vehicle unattended and unprotected while I had to trudge back into the hotel to receive my refund. Under these inconvenient circumstances, my property could very well have been stolen. I will always wonder what the hotel would have said if my baggage and/or vehicle had been stolen while I had to unnecessarily leave then unattended in order to seek my refund. Moreover, since the parking company only charged my $* for the 3 days, I had to seek the difference ($*) from the hotel, which only prolonged my wait since the assistant manager had to go and receive permission to give me the refund. Moreover, as I paid $*/day instead of $*, I was charged additional tax and fees on that difference which has only increased my financial loss and frustration. While it is a small amount, it still results in additional unnecessary and fraudulent financial charges. In conclusion, the Parking Package offered by Hampton Inns is a fraud — at least at this location. Do not book it! It offers no advantage. It is not a means of guaranteeing a reservation for your vehicle, nor does it offer any other benefit. Rather it results in a great deal of inconvenience, with the added detriment of losing your property.